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Advanced Brain Training & Neurofeedback:
The Non-Invasive Alternative Intervention 

At Provlin Health, we provide advanced neurotechnology and neurotherapy designed to train the brain to function at peak performance levels. This innovative form of neurofeedback is not a medical treatment, but rather a training for the brain. 


It doesn’t matter what your starting point is — EVERY brain can benefit and tap into its own unique optimal state.

Who is Neurofeedback for? EVERYONE

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a SAFE, NON-INVASIVE, DRUG-FREE and NATURAL form of Advanced Brain Training where its computer-assisted neurotechnology, focuses on reading brain activity, and then, identifying where the brain is having trouble processing information for improvement. 


Neurofeedback first collects information about the brain through brain wave electrical activity (EEG), and then the system provides feedback about that brain activity. This is done through visual/acoustic live feed signals, which signals the brain to self-correct subconsciously and adjust any mismatch that has been identified.

The aim of Neurofeedback is to strengthen the connections within the brain and enhance brainwave functioning, helping the patient gain control over their own brain function to experience symptom reduction and self-regulation. 

The best part is that Neurofeedback is not only non-invasive, painless and fun, but it has long-term stable effects and is also often a permanent treatment for learning disabilities.


Unlike medications and pharmaceutical approaches that are only symptom management, when you stop the medication, the symptoms reappear, plus you need to deal with the side effects.

"Anything is possible...
If you put your mind to it."

"An important premise of neurofeedback training is that our brains have the ability to change the way they function."


Successive Sessions of Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback Therapy for Autism will initially have a calming effect on your child and some of the short-term improvements you may notice, include:

- Increased concentration, focus and attention
- Decreased hyperactivity & impulsivity
- Reduction in emotional outbursts
- Decreased intensity and duration of tantrums/meltdowns
- Increased levels of calmness
- Sleep improvement

Long-term successive sessions have demonstrated:

- More interested and open to social interaction
- Improved social skills
- More tolerance to transitional changes
- Become less distressed by noises
- Increased clarity in speech patterns
- Increased ability to respond better to instructions
- Increased imaginative thought
- Increased generalisation and comprehension cognitive skills
Would Neurofeedback work on my child with Autism?

Absolutely!!! If you or your child can watch DVD's or play simple computer games...then you can do Neurofeedback. It is a very easy process, and works at a sub-cortical level, so it doesn't require conscious effect, which makes it so easy for even small children to successfully use Neurofeedback for Autism.
What does a Neurofeedback session look like?

We recommend at least three (3) or more Neurofeedback therapy sessions per week over a twelve (12) week period, to gain the most optimal results. Remember, brain training is similar to exercising your body, potential outcomes and results are achieved over time. 

How does Neurofeedback help people with learning disabilities?
Research has proven that Neurofeedback Therapy can help with

learning disabilities, such as:
- Dyslexia
- Language Processing Disorder
- Auditory Processing Disorder
- Dyscalculia
- Dysgraphia
- Non-Verbal Learning Disorders
Furthermore, studies have shown Neurofeedback to effectively and safely reduce symptoms of Autism. 

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National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) 

Neurofeedback is covered under the NDIS. We are happy to speak with your Support Coordinator and/or Plan Manager regarding anything relating to our services. We can also prepare your planning session report and annual reports at a nominal additional charge.

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